False Hope

People use the term false hope quite often, myself included. They say to always have hope and then some say don’t carry false hope. Sometimes it can be tough determining the differences between the two. I would like to believe hope means believing in something that could happen, and it if was to happen it would have a positive result on your life. I don’t think that is a bad thing, yet nobody wants their to give their hopes up. You have to decide is the hope worth the pain, it is worth the risk of being let down? What are the odds that the hope you have will even be met, it is logical? Does it make sense? No matter what you believe, be very careful, when using the word false hope.

When it comes to believing in a person, if they have proved to you once they can do something, you know for a fact they can do it again, yes put hope in them. If that person has consistently let you down, then you probably should understand it would be in your best interest to let the hope go and focus your energy on something that’s going to benefit your life. If they change, or prevail then great, if they don’t you haven’t lost anything.

When it comes to a relationship, I personally believe the hope that it is going to work out should always be in play, up until one or the other decides to walk away. It is one thing if they walk away for the wrong reasons, such as cheating. But if someone is walking away to better themselves, and initially because they care so much about you they don’t want to hurt you. Then, yes hold out hope if you believe it is right in your heart. Don’t let people say you are carrying false hope. It is your decision and you should always be prepared for the chance to be let down in any situation in life.

Please feel free to share your opinions!


3 thoughts on “False Hope”

  1. I think the only hope that we should have is that…in the end, we hope that we’ll be okay after any experience. Hope for yourself, but don’t hope for anyone else.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I liked reading this! I think hope (especially with it comes to relationships with others) works hand in hand with trust; or is stronger with trust. It also is certainly, like you make a point of, something that really is relative. One’s hope for someone/something can be different from another’s, and this doesn’t mean someone has false hope.


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