From the Outside, Looking In

This was something I wrote awhile back and I hope to share it the world and see what people have to say about my opinions.

Who is to question how we must live our lives? Who is to judge the importance of our actions? An individual’s view of their own lifestyle is the only thing that should truly be important to anyone, we the people should respect each and everybody’s perspective on life.  We should not try to change anyone nor mold them to be alike. Difference and originality is what this world is lacking, open minds and honest hearts seem to be vague
these days. We must interfere in our personal undertakings before we destroy ourselves beyond repair.

What if what we perceive isn’t really the truth? What if there is more that we aren’t seeing? Everything we have ever known, everything we have always believed in, things that we have been taught to be the truth and the people we have honored, we take it in without any question. What if these topics were challenged, and looked into farther than the surface. What would we find? Would everything be just how we see it now, or would more truths come into light. Would we be able to accept the idea that we are silently being manipulated into an illusion of reality?  A false vision of how we are supposed to live our own lives? What if everything you thought was right turned out to be wrong? We are lost.

We have ventured onto a path filled with self-destruction. A path so cruel that you don’t even realize you are fading away from living life. How do we gain the courage to turn around and see where we started from? How have we come this far without questioning why we are going this way? We may never have the answers we seek if we don’t stop in our tracks and ask ourselves what it is that would make us happy. Use your imagination, really take time to think impossible thoughts, and then decide what’s important?

Once your back is turned and you decide to go in reverse, things may seem foggy, less clear. But that is the point, how exactly did we all get here? Why must we travel down this road that we have been placed upon? What if we decide to take this stand and move in another direction? Stop this madness, be yourself. How can you even know who you are if you are too busy trying to fit into this idea of society. We are humanity.

Ever since we can remember our lives have consisted of going to school to obtain an education in order to get a job, buy a car, get married and invest in a house, then start a family; repeat. The next generation will then do the same; we need to get out of this routine. Slow down and analyze what is going on around us. We must view our lives as a third party and break apart every action and ask ourselves why are we living this way? Most people will think to themselves that it is the only choice they have to be happy and succeed in life. We are missing pieces to this puzzle.

There is more out there than we have knowledge of and the question is why has this knowledge been pushed aside? We are blindly being controlled and shown how to live our lives. From day one, we start out in elementary school and are taught everything we need to live this life.  We are put into a system, and other people decide what is important to be taught in school. Yet, have you ever considered what you learned could be false or pieces of the story may me missing? Truth be told, people learn what the system wants them to learn and nothing more. We are not being challenged enough, our potential isn’t being met. We are so much more than what we are becoming. Knowledge is all around us, yet we are oblivious. We must expose ourselves to history, science, and nature. We must push ourselves to learn more than what we are tested on in school. Certain people don’t want us to have knowledge that is why we are all treated the same, and taught in the same way.  We are being dumbed down and we don’t even know it. If you don’t believe this statement, try to read a book written a few hundred years ago. You will find it is very difficult to follow, and many words will seem foreign to you. Take the time to analyze some of these words you cannot understand and think to yourself, how come these words were never exposed to me?

The truth is words are powerful. If we were to broaden our vocabulary it could benefit us in many ways. If we don’t know any better than what we are taught, how would we know if we were being controlled or manipulated? Do you know the difference between fact and fiction?  We are responsible to educate ourselves in this world and we must not ignore this.


2 thoughts on “From the Outside, Looking In”

  1. You were right 🙂 I do really like this post 🙂 I ask these questions everyday. It’s so mind boggling isn’t it?

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