Cycles of Emotions


Cycles of Emotions

A few hours go by and I am perfectly content

The next day arrives with no harm meant

Yet, I am battling emotions left and right

At times holding back tears with all my might

Reminiscing on our memories all day long

Other days spent wondering just what went wrong

Occasionally sorrow and anger start to surface

Then I get to thinking what is your purpose

Why would you walk away after all this history

Each and every day it is a great unknown mystery

I know you and this isn’t the person you are

Actions speak louder than words by far

The expressions you displayed are not of the voice you played

The fact that you gave me a last kiss, doesn’t make any sense

Hope begins to sink in when remembering the love we share

There is not a doubt in my heart that you still care, this isn’t fair

I try not to fall onto the path of desolation

I try to stay strong on my road of inspiration

Cycles of emotions and roller-coasters made full of feelings

It is difficult to stay on track when I am fighting that army

My predetermined destination is peace and harmony.

b r e n d a n m i c h a e l - Polyvore


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