Things are looking up

Today I feel sick again but it is a different type of sick. Like I am sick of myself allowing another person to have control of my life. It is time I take control. Step 1: Deleted PlayStation App off of my phone so I am not tempted to contact him. 2. Deleted all posts about him from Facebook. 3. Going to delete all pics from my phone and computer, putting them on a memory card and burying it somewhere. 4. Write in my journal about my feelings. 5. See a social worker. 6. Maybe go out with a new guy friend this weekend (STRICTLY as friends). 7. Start writing a book about my past relationships and talk about all the lessons I learned. I really want my experiences to reach out to people of all ages and maybe my words can help them not make the same mistakes as I did.  I should have done these things a week ago. I have to accept the fact we are over and by doing all these things I can finally get better and move on.

Now for some positive talk. If someone is causing you pain and having a negative affect on your life you do not need them in it. If someone decides they do not want to be in your life, why go out of your way to contact them? Do not fight people to stay in your life or be miserable by keeping them there. Remember YOU are the one in control and YOU deserve the best. YOU deserve peace, love, and happiness and if that means you have to lose someone in the process then so be it.

I know if you have been following my blog you have seen the different sides of me and are probably thinking what is wrong with this girl. She doesn’t know what to do. You are right, I don’t but I am doing the best I can. I am sharing my experiences with the outside world and hoping maybe my words will mean something to you guys. I don’t claim to be an expert on relationships or positive thinking but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to understand it. The best of luck to all of us, because deep down we all need a little help sometimes.


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