Make Goals and Be Better!

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and I started asking her questions about her life. I was so shocked at what I discovered. I asked her questions like: What are your goals? What is your dream? What do you want out of life? Are you happy? She never really gave me a straight answer. She is currently having issues with her boyfriend and she always wants my advice, so I tried and tried to help her and she acted like she didn’t want to hear it or it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. Either way, that’s when I decided to swift the conversation on her as an individual. She works somewhere she doesn’t like, lives somewhere she isn’t comfortable and in my opinion is with a guy who is holding her back. Truth is I am happier than her and I’m recovering from surgery, and healing from a break-up. Something is clearly wrong with this picture. She said she just lives life day by day. That is perfectly okay but at the same time it is not okay. We need to get out of this rut.

Everyday is a new beginning, a chance to make your life better and come closer to improving yourself as a person. Most people now days are caught up in society, working their jobs, paying their bills, taking care of others, etc. People forget that they need to slow down and actually deal with their own problems. Living day by day can get you stuck and you won’t even realize it. You may just blew off your problems to tomorrow and say I’ll deal with them later. But in all honestly, your problems are only going to build up and come crashing down on you later and it is going to be that much harder to work through all that baggage than it would be to deal with problems at that moment in time. We must not ignore our own problems, we must always take a look inside ourselves every single day. We have to constantly ask ourselves, are we happy? Is my life going the way I want it to? What are my goals? How can I become a better person?

I strongly believe by setting goals in your life you can be happier and feel so much better as a person. People need to be willing to shut off the rest of the world and everyone that is around them for a short period of time. Every single person needs alone time everyday to observe themselves without worrying about someone else. Only then is when you can discover what is really bothering you and what you need to change.

Some of my goals this year are:

1. Eat healthier by including more fruits, vegetables, and grains into my diet.

2. Start exercising, tone my body, and begin running to boost my endurance.

3. Learn how to meditate and practice yoga.

4. Get a bar tending job, and pick up a second job if possible.

5. Plan a trip to one place in the United States and start saving money for it.

6. Invest in a new car.

7. Stay positive by writing and reading positive things everyday.

8. Work out my problems from my past and become stronger and more independent.

9. Cook at least one or two new recipes a week, challenge myself to learn new skills and foods.

10. Find peace, love, and happiness within myself.

I hope this post can encourage people to take a look at the big picture and figure out exactly what they want from life. Remember, we all only have one and each day isn’t promised, we must make the best of it and be the best we can be!


One thought on “Make Goals and Be Better!”

  1. Remember to set realistic goals, though. Don’t get lost in your own thoughts and expect 2014 to be the year that you’re gonna change your life. Be realistic…if you don’t get everything accomplished this year…there’s always the next!

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