Everything Happens for A Reason

Everyday something will happen to us, something small, something big, something unexpected, something predicted. What ever happens to you, it just does happen for reasons unknown to us at the time. Some people may say everything happens for a reason and some may say you predict your own fate. I believe in both of these statements. It all depends on how you look at the two.

Everything does happen for reason if you allow yourself to look into a situation in your life and analyze it. People get all defensive when I say if it’s meant to be it will be. They take that as me believing everything is predetermined in life and we have no control over what happens to us. Honestly, I am a bit conflicted when it comes to if there is a “set” path we are suppose to be on because in all reality it is true you predict your own fate. But, there are things in life you can’t ignore and can’t ever seem to find an answer to why it happened to you. If you really want something to happen to you in life, I say if it’s meant to be, it will be. Things are always meant to be in a sense because you have to take them and understand that each and every thing that happens to you is meant to be looked at as a lesson or experience.

I believe bad things happen to us so we can make mistakes, deal with the hurt, and pick ourselves up in order to become a stronger person.  It is true you have to fight a great battle within yourself to realize this but once you conquer your emotions, you will see everything more clear and with a new mindset. I also believe that bad things occur to us, so we can be thankful for the good days and wonderful experiences. Take a deeper look at the bad things and you can always turn things around so they will end up being positive and beneficial to your life. Our experiences teach us about ourselves more than anything else. We must not let the past turn to regret. We have to take our mistakes, and use them as an opportunity to learn. We must never take anything for granted, because it is a part of our lives we are never promised.

Whether, that means you need to change something about yourself, or stay away from situations that cause you problems, it is up to you to decide on how you look at back at your past. I can tell you that dwelling, going through what if’s, could of been’s, and what not, certainly doesn’t help you any. Of course, we all wish there were things we would have said, things we could have done differently, but if everything always worked out, we would never grow as a person. Imagine, if we all never made any mistakes or did anything we shouldn’t have, etc. How would we ever grow? How would we ever know good from bad? How would we feel better? Mistakes are the doorway to improvement.

Everything happens for a reason, the reason being we have to learn from those things that happen to us, and we must determine our fate by taking those opportunities to grow and become a better person. Hopefully, this will change your perceptive on your life and make you see how bad things can always turn good, you can’t be positive without the negative.


One thought on “Everything Happens for A Reason”

  1. So much true virtue and truth in this post. I live by the cliche “everything happens for a reason”. And I think to live by that you have to tap in enough to recognize and accept the lessons in each outcome whether it is good or bad.

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