Technology, are you in control?



My best-friend and I were discussing technology this morning and we were talking about how it seems like it is controlling our lives in negative ways.

First of all, social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. How many times do you find yourself checking your accounts. I bet if you really thought about it, it would surprise you. I know for me, when I wake up in the morning I always check my phone before anything. I look at my Facebook the most. Facebook is a place where people complain or brag about their lives more than anything else. I mean honestly, hardly any one on my friend’s list actually posts anything educational, useful, or positive. This really got me thinking what is the point of Facebook? Why even have an account, if all you are going to do is check into our people’s lives? What I found out is I have spent so much time being noisy and wondering what people, I truly could care less about, are doing in their lives. I find that Facebook is also destroying all types of relationships.

Friendship should be more than liking a photo, sending a comment, or typing a short message to one another. What happened to face-to-face contact? We are losing our connections with each other because we think that using Facebook or other social media is enough to stay connected but IT IS NOT. Sending someone Happy Birthday, is not the same has meeting them for lunch and actually celebrating their birthday. People have gotten away from connecting with one another because of technology. It would seem people would be MORE connected now than ever, but in a reality the answer is we as humans have never been less connected.

Relationships with boyfriends/girlfriends, wives/husbands, etc are being sacrificed every single day because of social media. Social media is TEMPTATION. It is way for people to view multiple people at once, even inappropriate photos on an every day basis. This is damaging many relationships because it is so easy for someone to be tempted to talk to another person or engage in inappropriate behavior with another person behind a keyboard or telephone screen. I can’t tell you how many relationships I see being jeopardized because of social media. It is not only talking or looking at other people that is damaging the relationship. For example, next time you go out to eat, leave your phone/ other technology in the car, and take a look around the restaurant. Most couples will be staring into a screen, not saying a word to each other at all. This is causing communication to be an issue between couples. From my own experience, I can recall MANY MANY times that I was on my phone, checking facebook, updating my status, posting a picture on Instagram, etc. That is not living life, that is documenting it. Sure, take pictures by all means make memories but upload it later on if you feel the need the share it with the world.We are all in each other’s business and know TOO many things about someone because of social media. We are missing out on opportunities everyday because we are so caught up in checking our profiles and worrying about unimportant things that are not even going to affect our lives anyway.

Another problem with technology and couples is spending quality time together. I will explain my personal experience with my ex-boyfriend for an example. We would lay down to watch a tv show and sometimes I would have my phone out not even paying attention to the show and ignoring him completely. At times, he would have his game or kindle out when we could have been just enjoying the moment with one another but we were too consumed in technology. Towards the end of our relationship, I can recall several occasions when we simply didn’t know what to do together, so I would just grab my phone until we decided to do something, and then he would grab his kindle, and next thing you know a few hours went by and nothing had been accomplished, our connection didn’t get stronger, and we didn’t communicate. This happens all the time, not just with couples but with families, and co-workers, with everyone.

We need to take a step BACK, analyze our everyday activities and see what is going on. It will shock you, and you will not believe how much time you have waste on social media. It is really a sad situation because technology is a wonderful advancement in this generation but I fear one day, technology will conquer our lives. We will not go play sports, because we can do it on a game console. We will not engage in sex as much because porn is available to satisfy every fantasy. We will not meet face-to-face because we have a webcam on our computer. We will not go out to the shopping mall because we can order things online. We will not travel the world because we can look up pictures. This is a major major concern of mine and I am determined to take control of my life and lose this “compulsive” behavior of checking my phone and being obsessed with technology for all the wrong reasons. We need to embrace technology not abuse it. We need to be thankful for something that contains this much knowledge and power, not take it for granted by not using the opportunity to educate ourselves. There is plenty of resources available to for you on the internet. Take advantage of them!

Be careful of how much time you spend playing games, reading your kindle, surfing the net, etc. Everyday is a day to life live, don’t waste it behind a screen. Get out, meet new people, and see what the world has to offer. Let’s stop documenting our lives and LIVE OUR LIVES!


3 thoughts on “Technology, are you in control?”

  1. I have no social media anymore ever since I got rid of my Tumblr and Facebook. It’s almost been 3 weeks since I quit Facebook, and it’s…actually not that bad. I do check my e-mail a lot, but that’s about it. I don’t have the internet on my cell phone. The only reason why I’d need the internet is to use GPS, but I have a GPS in my car. It was actually very easy to get rid of Facebook after a while when I realized that no one tried contacting me. I only play one video game these days; I use my Xbox for Netflix and listening to music, but that’s about it. I did all this within 3-4 month period. Who would of thought that getting my heart broken would benefit me in the long run?

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