Inevitable Mountains of Life

Good morning! I have been feeling much better since I put myself on a correct sleep schedule and I feel refreshed and energized when I wake up. It’s a wonderful thing people. I used to stay up all hours of the night and go to sleep around noon, and sleep the entire day. I was starting to feel like a vampire. Anyways, I want to talk about my life and this metaphor that’s been brewing in my head all morning, I will not claim this idea to be my own because I have been filling my head with positive quotes, videos, and articles everyday but this is what I think.

Life is like climbing a mountain.

Can't fall if you don't climb.

The Bottom:

We start at the bottom, look up and think about the climb to the top. It seems like an impossible journey because our desired outcome is so far at the top, sometimes we may not even be able to see it clearly. Some people may simply decide it is too hard to take the climb, therefore they remain at the bottom of the mountain. Others may be doubtful, some may welcome the struggle. There may come a point in someone’s life where they have been stuck at the bottom for too long and then they will start the climb eventually. While with other people, they may be ready to start the journey right away. The sooner you start the climb, the quicker you can work your way towards the top. What I mean by this is everyday we are faced with struggles, problems, and difficulties. If we choose to ignore these things or pretend they don’t exist we remain at the bottom of our mountain. Nothing in life is going to be a straight-narrow road, we are going to always be faced with a mountain to climb, its inevitable. Take some time to let that sink in. The choice is yours, do you stay stuck at the bottom or do you start climbing up?

The Climb:

Once we start the climb it is going to be a challenge every step of the way. We may slip and fall a few feet one day or the next maybe we fall all the way back to the bottom. Either way, we must not stay at the bottom, we can not give up. We must prevail and be determined we are going to make the climb up our mountain. For example, let’s say you just bought a new car and everything’s going smooth and then you get in a wreck and your brand new car is totaled. You think about all the hard work and money spent and now it is wasted, gone in a blink of an eye. This is tragic, but things like this happen to us all the time. It is up to you to take the bad experiences and move forward instead of staying stuck in the same place which would certainly get you no where fast. Sometimes we may venture half-way up the mountain and come upon a ledge that seems impossible to get to. This is when you must take a risk and reach for this ledge with all your might. Sometimes you will slip and fall down a bit, while other times you may climb onto a ledge without a problem. Either way, you must go for it and understand that even if you can’t reach it right now that doesn’t mean you should give up. Also, there are some ledges on our mountain which can not be climbed or reached. For example, if you are in a relationship and you two break up, obviously you are going to want that person back if you truly care for them. But sometimes we have to let people go and turn the other way. That’s what I mean when I say there are some ledges that can’t be climbed and if this happens, then fine. There are other ways to go and more ledges waiting for you to climb. It is all about how you look at things. Each one of these “ledges” is an opportunity and let’s face it not all opportunities in our lives work out in our favor but we must not dwell on that. Keep pushing forward and find a ledge you want to conquer because eventually you will find the way to the top.

The Top:

In a sense we do make it to the top of the mountain but all at the same time we will never stay there permanently. We must understand that being on top means that you have accomplished your goal, overcame your struggle, problem, or difficulty. Life is about climbing mountains. We will always have something we need to take control of and deal with in our lives. Life is about taking risks, falling down, but always getting back up. Do not get discouraged because you have climbed one mountain and now you are faced with yet another situation. That is life and it is about these inevitable mountains. We must always conquer them, end up on top and learn from our journey. Every mountain holds it’s own story, with it’s own opportunities to take and once you make it up, remember that these opportunities are experiences. If you slip and fall down, remember why that happened. If you came upon a ledge you couldn’t climb, understand why. Learn from your mistakes and never forget that you can make it to the top of every mountain you are faced with in life. No matter how high it may seem at the time, we are all capable of climbing to the top.

Stop standing there, looking up and being doubtful. Have no fears, get your positive mindset on and give it your all! Start your climb right now and before you know it you will be on top, looking down at everything you left behind. The view looking down from the top will always be better than the view looking up from the bottom.


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