Life is A Casino

I have another metaphor brewing in my head tonight.

Life is a casino. Okay, you’re probably thinking what? Yeah right, that’s bullshit, just read and let this metaphor sink in.

When someone walks into a casino, their expectations are to win and come out a winner, gain more money than they came in with. They are taking a RISK by walking in the doors and playing any one of the games available for them. Our life is a casino filled with dealers who offer us many different games at different costs.

Any game that someone plays at the casino is a game of chance, therefore they will never know the outcome of their actions. They never know if they will get the 100 percent they put into the game back. This statement can be compared to several things in our lives. For example, when you meet someone particularly someone who you want to be your significant other and you give them you all and hope to win their trust, respect, and friendship as a result of this. Imagine sitting at a poker table, putting all of your chips in, taking that RISK based on the hand of cards you were dealt. You didn’t personally choose any of your cards, nor do you know for certain what card the dealer will put out on the table next. You take a chance while hoping for the best and expecting the worst, to be a winner. Sometimes we get lucky, gain a new friendship or partner, maybe we never get the chance. It is up to the person playing the game to decide how to spend the “money” (friendship,etc). Sometimes we blow it, sometimes we invest in it, sometimes it lasts a lifetime, sometimes it’s gone right before your eyes. Maybe you don’t think things through and make a shady purchase, and later on that person is no longer in your life. Not saying that money can buy love or friendship, do not interpret this in that manner. Sometimes this person may have cards of their own that you didn’t know about and once they are laid out on the table, you have the option to fold, walk away or continue to press your luck in THAT person’s game. Please understand that life deals our cards by putting people and opportunities into our lives. We can however decide what path to take, which direction to go in, which GAME to play and who to play it with. Just like a game of poker, we win some and lose some. We can’t always be a winner, we can’t always be a loser. We can however, win at losing and lose at winning. We can’t lose at losing nor win at winning. We can’t have good without the bad, nor pleasure without pain. It’s about about balancing the two, and finding peace with your heaven and hell.

Think about playing a slot machine, you pull down the lever and hope to hit the jackpot. The outcome is out of our control and we have to take what the machine gives us and make the best of it. Relate this to events in our lives, sometimes we pull the lever. For example, say you get hired in a new position in a wonderful paying job. Other times the lever may be pulled, and you could get fired or laid off from work. This doesn’t make you a loser, you haven’t lost it all. You just didn’t win that particular game and you must understand why. It is true that in actual casino, there is no “reason” why you lost and sometimes in life, we may not see a reason why at that time either.

Use your best judgment when playing the games in this casino we call life. Learn from your losses and don’t get too “greedy”. Understand you will not win it all, nor lose it all. Never give up and walk out of the casino, because then you will be alone, broke and empty. This meaning you will not be living life to the fullest, you would be missing out. Wouldn’t you rather take a chance instead of being too scared to lose, you never know when you could win. Choose your path, pick your game, and play your cards you have been dealt to the best of your ability. Your first game, you are bond to lose but with practice, you might just win. You have to learn from bad experiences in your life, learn from those lost games and do your best to choose your next game wisely.

Life is like a casino, it cheats us all sometimes and we lose everything, other times it gives us everything.


3 thoughts on “Life is A Casino”

  1. That’s the spirit! Find something that you can understand, and it makes the recovery process easier to deal with. Whatever makes sense to you!

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