A Little Bit of Inspiration

The past is a hard place to quit living in. The past can crawl underneath your skin and haunt you everyday of the present moment if you let it. We all make mistakes, do things we wish we could take back. Even say things that we should have been left unsaid. Some people struggle with the memories of yesterdays and the worries of tomorrow on their shoulders all the time. Many turn to the evil that lays in a bottle or the false happiness of smoke the feels the air while other have a safer practice by getting lost in stories from books.

We all have an escape. We all have a place that we can go to make it all go away.

But escaping may be what hurts us the most. Ignoring the pain and pushing it aside may seem like the best thing to do in order to live a peaceful life. But always remember. Every untreated wound will continue to bleed until it has finally healed.

In life we strive to make the best of it. We want to make a difference in the world. Change things bigger than life itself. The harsh reality is that you as a person can not change the problems of the world but you can have an affect on it. Starting with yourself.


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