Life- It’s All You Have

Usually I write fairly long posts but tonight I am going to keep it short and simple.

Life. It is an amazing thing. Mind-boggling. Unexplained. Mystical. Wonderful. Purposeful. Beautiful. Magical. Brilliant. Creative.

Yet sometimes we start to ask always why do we exist? Start questioning our purpose and our reasoning for being alive. Why can’t we just accept the fact that in 100% truth, we will never find truth to the answers we seek. We are alive. Here and now. This moment is all we really have. Once we realize this, that moment is already gone. Sure, we curse life from time to time when things don’t go our way. When the world as we know it starts turning upside down. But honestly, all we REALLY have is life.

Never should it be taken for granted. Never should it be taken advantage of. Life is like a precious treasure. It must be valued each and every day. When we start wondering why we are here, we must remember we will never know. We have to do the best we can while we are here. We shouldn’t carry any regrets, worries, or stress on our shoulders, although we always will because we are human. We have emotions and without them we would be nothing. Have nothing. Embrace your life. Conquer your emotions.

Do what your heart desires. Do anything you like because this is your reality. This is your life.


2 thoughts on “Life- It’s All You Have”

  1. I feel like I just read a pro-life blog! Haha! But you’re absolutely right. There is no such thing as truth…just what is true to us. We only have ourselves, and everything about ourselves is wonderful! 🙂

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