Love Peace Happiness

Love Peace Happiness

We the people can’t see what is right in front of us

We always want to argue, fight, and cuss

Love is the answer to everything we hate

We need to embrace this feeling before it is too late

Life shouldn’t be as hard as we make it

In a world full of pride and misjudgment

When will we stop and take a stand for our actions?

We say enjoy life since we only have one to live

But we as people can’t seem to apologize or forgive

Instead we go against one another in hateful manners

  Our revenge is bittersweet and we fulfill our negative wishes

We do all these things to each other for pure selfish satisfaction.

When will we come together as a whole nation in order to conquer this domination?

To realize that we are not perfect and decide to change our ways

Life is beautiful, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted

Every day is a new beginning, a chance for an opportunity

So when are we going to wake up and take responsibility?

Peace is what we need to discover under all this chaos

Happiness would be the outcome if only we could see clearly

Yet, we continue to be blinded by anger and hate

There is more to life than what we know, if we would only show

Positive thoughts and compassionate feelings, this could be an end

To all this hurtful pain and heartache, yes it could all disappear

If only we could fathom love, peace, and happiness.




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