Live In The Now

You really have to live your life day by day. You have to deal with things as they present themselves in your life.

The Past:

You may find yourself dwelling over situations that have happened to you in the past. You may find yourself feeling regretful over mistakes that you have made. You may find yourself wishing things would have happened differently. I can assure you that thinking in the past is a very harmful way to live your life. You must forgive yourself for any mistakes or wrong doings you have committed. You must also, forgive those who have harmed you or hurt you in any way. If you continue to think about these things all the time, you will not live a happy, positive lifestyle. You need to analyze your past, figure out what is really bothering you and come to terms with it. Do not procrastinate. Do this right now, because every minute you spent feeling guilty, ashamed, sad or regretful, is a minute in the present you could be spending happy. Dig down deep. Think back to your childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood. Sort though all your experiences. Take each situation one at a time. Examine the situation and break it apart. Write down your emotions and ask yourself why you feel that way. Once you have your answers you can see things for how they really are. For example, for about 2 weeks I was feeling stuck in my past. I was regretful for sleeping with a random guy. I had to finally tell myself, “No more, it is time to get over it.” You can not beat yourself up for a past mistake. You must understand why it happened, learn from the situation, and move on. If there were events in your past that make you unhappy, you have to leave them there. It is okay to remember these times, but do not allow yourself to become consumed in your thoughts.

The Future:

Many people find themselves always thinking about the future and how it will play out. I can promise you if you allow yourself to get captivated in these thoughts, you will develop unnecessary anxiety. It is fine to think about your future, because you every day actions will influence your future. But, if you catch yourself being obsessive when it comes to future events, you may need to take a step back. For example, if you have an upcoming date Friday evening and it is only Tuesday. Do not let this event bother you in any way. Worry about that time when the day comes. Do not stress about what could happen, what if’s, or doubts. In all reality, what will happen is going to happen no matter how much you worry about it. You are going to cause yourself much grief and stress by worrying about future events that you have no direct control over. Concentrate on what you have immediately control over and what is required to happen first such as paying a bill tomorrow.

Therefore, do not waste your life living in the past or the future. Keep yourself thoughts in the present. Live your life for today. Live in the moment. Enjoy things as they come to you. You life will greatly improve if you are thinking in the present moment. You do not want to get caught up in the past or future because then you lose that “here and now” experience. Take things day by day. Stay positive and keep a smile on your face because you are alive!


One thought on “Live In The Now”

  1. Worrying about stuff is just going to make it more likely to happen! Especially with relationships. Being more in the present makes experiences more enjoyable, anyway.

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