Lines Of Us

The worst kind of pain is the type that doesn’t even hurt.

You are the tear I didn’t let fall.

The missed opportunity I couldn’t take.

The disappointment to my expectation.

You are everything and nothing at all.

Pieces of our heart were tossed into an untraceable hole that we fell into blinded,

While we were picking them up, we decided to mix them with each other’s pain

Now we can’t seem to figure out whose piece we are trying to put back together,

Maybe we are trying to put each other together again, or looking for the pieces we left behind.

We are running away from each other only to turn around and do it all over again.

When will it be the last time, only one more time.

Closer yet farther apart, alone yet together, free but yet chained,

A perfect mix of right and wrong, choices of uncertainly fulled with indecisive thoughts.

For now, or for tomorrow, for today, but not later.

I am de-attached but completely connected.

Always and Never…


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