Life is Limited, But The Life You Live Doesn’t Have To Be


Life is limited, but the life you live doesn’t have to be. 

It comes to no surprise that we are all living on borrowed time in this world. Life and death are the two concepts that make the world we live in continue spinning around and around again. Life is limited of course, and therefore we must do our best to live a life without limitations. We have to push our boundaries and dive deeper into what is out there waiting for us. We have to step into the unknown by getting out of our comfort zone and taking risks. We must understand that there is always something new out there waiting for us to find it. Whether that be a new book, or a new friendship, we must not allow ourselves to become too comfortable in our lives. If we allow ourselves to be comfortable, we are limiting ourselves from our own potentials. In life, we must be willing to always go the extra mile, go the longer way, take the harder road, because that is how we grow. That is how we become stronger, wiser, and better human beings. We should be willing to challenge ourselves, so that we can transform into a greater version of ourselves. We must also understand that there is always going to be more to life than what we are living. ALWAYS. There is consistent knowledge, information, and data out there in the universe for us to grasp and do what we wish with it.

If you are simply letting your life pass you by, you might want to take a stand and start walking in another direction. If you are feeling “stuck”, “bored”, or “lost”. It is time for you to pick another path. You must make a change in your life, so that you can figure out what you have been lacking. If you continue to stay in the same spot, you may become depressed, anxious, or even hopeless. Life is about removing boundaries and living out of the box you have created.You may be thinking, “Well this is how I have always lived and I am happy living this way, so I am not going to change or go looking for anything else, because I don’t feel the need to. I am content.” That is fine, do what makes you happy, but understand that you may not be living up to your potential. If you push yourself to open your mind, try something different, learn something new, you may find that life will become more exciting for you.

There are many opportunities out there waiting for us to find. We should want to go look for them. We should want to see what is out there and never stop searching. We must not limited ourselves by working our 9-5 job and being sucked into television or consumed into our phone screens. We need to take advantage of the technology in front of us and start digging into the internet. There is more information on there than you will ever discover, but why not try to find something? Remember you never know what you could find.

Be brave. Be open-minded. Be adventurous. Be free. Be limitless.

Discover new hobbies. Make new friends. Learn new things. Develop new skills. Set new goals.

Read more. Write more. Do more.

Don’t set limits, push every boundary, and tear down every wall.



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