Server Troubles

I really enjoy my job, but the stresses can really get to me sometimes. I serve tables at this breakfast causal dining chain-restaurant. I absolutely love meeting new people, especially since about 90% of them are from out of town or from another country. I try to help them out by telling them information about the city and giving them guidebooks. It makes me feel as if I apart of their journey by doing this. I love to make people happy and if I make them laugh then that’s even better. I have a great work ethic and legitimately care about what I do and everyone I meet. My intentions are always good and selfless. I believe that working in a restaurant, you have to realize that you are in it together. Basically, if one area falls, the entire things collapses kinda deal. We are a nearly opened establish, therefore, there are still many things that need to be worked on.

For months, we have been cycling through kitchen staff. There has only been two consistent cooks that have been there since opening five months ago. I am stressed out because it seems that there is always something going wrong. Duh, nature of the food industry right?! Well, I would like to believe that there is still hope for this job being in my future. I had planned to find a different job for months now, but recently decided to stick it out awhile longer and see how things go. I have been in this mindset off and on for about half the time I have worked there.

I honestly just want the place to be more positive and inviting. There are some days when I don’t feel as if I want to even be there. I am trying to change my attitude and have better days. I wish I could say that everyone else had the same mindset. I feel as if there is too much drama and shit talking about other people going on. People don’t want to work together, they would rather work against each other and it’s nuts to me. Some of the people I work with irk my nerves due to there attitudes, yet I try not to become angry or have any negative energy towards anyone. That alone is a battle in itself.

Anyway, I could sit here and go on and on, but I would rather forget about things for the night. I wanted to write this down to express the slight irritation I have in my soul for that place right now and to convince myself to quit worrying about it, because the day there is over.

Time for some food, Netflix, and music ❤


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