First Time Voter (USA)

I am 23 years old and up until January of this year, I had no intentions of voting in this presidential election. I had been extremely bitter about anything to do with politics, economics, and the government in general.

My Old Mindset: The United States government is notorious for being corrupt, rigged, and all that jazz! Hell no, I wasn’t going to take any time to worry about it. Why bother right? There is no way my vote would even count, they already had it figured out for themselves. We are fucked. We are set up for failure. There’s nothing I could do to change things.  They have all the power anyway, there is no point to fight, because they have already won. I had seen many documentaries and knew about where the power was, I thought there was no hope for a future in the USA. Honestly, I had no idea what to do with mine due to the economy and what I know to be true. I feared the day my parents would no longer be here to help me. This stress subconsciously had been weighing me down for years and years, and I wasn’t even aware.

I was completely negative about the entire situation, especially when someone asked me about voting. I felt it was better to not be involved and find another way to change things in my own life, to hell with the country it was already failing.

Then, something amazing happened. I watched Bernie Sanders for the first time.

I almost couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I didn’t even take it seriously for awhile. I didn’t imagine he would ever be able to get nominated as a democrat. I didn’t really know what to think about him other than I respected him. Then, I kept seeing his face on my social media and on television. I seen how involved people were getting, so I gave it another look. I started watching videos on Youtube from his speeches from the past year. Then, I looked deeper and seen videos from years and years back. (30 years ago!) Wow, this man really has passion, heart, and soul! Most importantly, he has consistency. He really cares about his message and all people!


Before I knew it, I had become obsessed with Bernie Sanders and his message. Sanders gave me something I haven’t had in my life for many years, if ever. He gave me hope, faith, and ignited something inside of me that had always been there on these issues, I just didn’t realize it. Passion.

I have always had compassion for people. Equality is huge in my own personal views and I fight for in it my relationships and environments as well as at home and work. I believe in fairness for all people and an equal opportunity for anyone with a dream. Not only that, but I want to fight back against these evil people in charge of the big banks, corporations, and the Republicans of course. (I’ll get to that future blogs. Trust me.)

After watching several of Bernie’s debates over the past couple of weeks, I can say that I want this man to be the next president of the United States of America. I want to be proud to be apart of this country. I want to be involved in the change that America and the rest of the world needs! Honestly, I see at least one person every single day struggling and my heart breaks every time.  I am sick and tired of seeing people around me struggling for the simple things like education, housing, and food, that could easily be prevented.

This election is going to be apart of history. The truth has been exposed. I strongly believe a revolution is going to happen in all aspects of this country, because that is what is required to see change. “United we stand, or divided we will fall!”




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