Change is Our Reality

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I can sense that the world is changing; changing for the better. As I was growing up, I thought the world designed a certain way; a place of absolute freedom. I thought that after I was old enough; I could do whatever I wanted. I thought my parents were the only ones who had power over me. When I started learning the truth about our government, companies, and a hand-full of the conspiracies out there; my mindset shifted to a more negative outlook on life.

I spent my years in high school pretty isolated and in my head. The older I got the more I discovered and the more disgusted I became, but I’m not the only one! That’s the important part. Years and years ago, the evil people of this world could get away with everything they have done, because we didn’t have the ability to connect with one another as quickly as we do now. We have the internet now. That is HUGE! I strongly believe that Facebook in particular has helped spread knowledge about what is happening in around the world and in politics.

Many people started waking up last year when they heard Bernie Sanders speeches. The first time I heard his message I couldn’t believe that it was really happening. Finally, someone who believes in the right thing and who acknowledges the wrong-doings of those in charge. I couldn’t take him seriously for the next president, because I was afraid that those in power would never allow him to make it that far. Well, here we are on a winning streak! He has won the last 8 out of 9 primaries! This is huge! Bernie Sanders has started a movement in America, that will spread all across this world! Hope for a better world has definitely been restored in my life, as well as the lives of millions and millions of other people. We all are finally coming together, because we have uncovered the ways they want to divide us.

During the primary elections, we have discovered voter suppression and fraud, which goes to show that there is someone who doesn’t want the people to have a voice. You must ask yourself, now what reason would they have to not want to hear what we have to say? For years, we have been pretty damn oblivious to their manipulation techniques, down-right inhumane behavior, and purposefully under-educated. People are figuring out how to see the truth for themselves. People are no longer fooled by selfish lies and empty promises of the system.

We have are more aware of how they are treating people and discriminating on us, based on our sexual preference, gender, race, religion, and birth place. We are all human beings who share the Earth, which has been created for all of us, including the plants and animals. People are starting to understand just how important nature is and how we can’t survive without it. Nature has supplied everything we need for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritually abundance. 

This generation in particular has decided to take a stand and fight for a new government. There are many young people getting involved in politics for the very first time. Did these people in charge really expect to get away with their unfathomable greed and power-hungry mindsets forever? It is about time that they are bought to justice. We the people of the world demand freedom and equality!

I am completely overwhelmed with excitement, because I have faith that we can take back our world. We greatly outnumbered those in charge, and that speaks for itself. The people of the world are tired of being treated as slaves to a system. We are sick of struggling for life’s necessitates.

We can bring peace, happiness, and love into the world as it was meant to be for all people!

Read my blog called, Ways To Be Apart Of The Global Revolution, for advice on how you can be involved, so that together we can change our lives for the greater good!

Remember, it really is the smallest acts that will change the world.

~Love, Peace, and Happiness~



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