Political Thoughts

Upon seeing Hillary Clinton speak about winning the democratic nomination, tears started to fall from my eyes. I was feeling rage, belittlement, and disgust mixed with faith, hope and passion. This race hasn’t been fair to say the least, and we all know that the odds were never in Bernie Sander’s favor.

I have strongly supported Senator Bernie Sanders since the beginning of this year. I believe in his message and still have faith in his campaign. He has brought the truth to the millions of people, resulting in people waking up and asking questions about what is happening in politics.We have two very unfavorable candidates leading in the race for the presidency. What a weird and exciting time to be alive, right? Seriously, I have had many different emotions towards politics. I have cried watching Bernie’s speeches and have been filled with joy at the same time. I have donated to his campaign, purchased a bumper sticker, and even made a video to show my support. I have watched countless hours of his speeches, protests, and (HONEST) news networks to learn more about what this movement is about. Obviously, we need to fix the rigged economy, corrupt criminal justice system, focus on the gap between the middle class and the top 1 percent, take action against climate change, etc. There is no need for me to continue listing the issues of this country, because we already know that we as a whole are struggling and ready for change.

I strongly believe that this is not the end for this movement. There has just been too much information exposed to millions of people. It’s not like this is a fucking episode of American Idol or something. This is the political revolution! The start of people coming together and thinking about our future. Bernie has shared his vision of the United States with the world. Think about that for a minute. Look how much one man has done for change in politics and now, literally thousands of people are doing the same. I am remaining optimistic about the world. I want to believe that the good will win the fight against evil. I have to believe that all the dark souls out there will be brought to some type of justice, if not physically then spiritually.




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