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With All the Broken Pieces of My Heart

This is a poem, I wrote about my ex-boyfriend last year, it bought tears to my eyes when i read it again and i felt the need to share it with the world because now that he isn’t apart of my life, the meaning really touches me in a way I can’t explain. Here’s to anyone who has ever lost someone who was there to heal their broken heart from their troublesome past. I will never forget him. I will always cherish him in my heart.

With All the Broken Pieces of My Heart

I love you with every piece of my broken heart, I have right from the start

When pain and sadness is all you know it is hard to believe what you show,

Your kind sweet words soothed me, proved to me the truth

Showed me the path out of the dark shadows of my past

You saved me from myself, from my insecurities eating away in my mind

Consuming me and capturing me in a prison filled with agony and regret

You lead me out, freed me from that horrible sentence, to feel happy again is amazing as ever

I never want to be locked up again so now I have to begin

To forget the bad and allow the good to always be present

Please don’t ever go, my handsome hero…take me to paradise in your arms

It doesn’t hurt when I am there, thanks to your love and care

It is where I always want to be, I will never leave you

Cause if I did I would return as a prisoner as well as a victim to myself

This ensures I will never go, I couldn’t leave the one who stole my heart

And put it back together, yes it is true

I loved you from the start with all the broken pieces of my heart.


Broken Love

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Broken Love

We had a connection right from the start

It wasn’t long before we stole each other’s heart

We were caught up in life’s sick twisted game

Now nothing will ever be quite the same

Our personal problems are to blame

We had nothing to lose, and everything to gain

We were caught up in a mix of pleasure and pain

I was broken, he was broken, we were complete

Too many problems, too many thoughts, too many mistakes

We wanted to fix it all, we wanted to take it all away

We just needed one other to not leave, to stay

All we wanted was for each other to be okay

But we couldn’t put all the pieces back in there place

Not enough time…. no… not this time.

He came into my life with all the right intentions

He had to walk away for all the right reasons.

We had to let each other go, we had to give each other space

All for a small chance, an ounce of hope, just in case

Once we all fully healed, we can meet again

We can have that option to be a friend

Love bought us together and love tore us apart.

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