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Humanity Rant

First of all, every single person needs to admit that they are under-educated and that their entire mindset has been flawed for the majority of their lives. How can you ever have an opinion, if it was molded for you?

Seriously, think for yourself, open your mind to insane ideas, and dig into everything that is going on in the world! How can people continue to sit around and be angry, bitter, and down right hateful towards a group ofpeople?! A lot of American’s think we are paying taxes for those who are on welfare or toward immigration, and yes some of our taxes are helping people! BIG FUCKING DEAL? WOW, why is that such a bad thing? Who cares if someone isn’t from here, good for them! Let them come here, the earth is free for all people. Borders, territories, countries, etc are all MAN MADE! The real problem here is that there are literally a handful of families dominating the entire world! They control the energy, the healthcare, the food, the education system, the big banks, the money supply, all the companies, and the media!

Basically, everything around us is a damn illusion put here by some greedy, evil bastards who only have selfish interests for profit. These people have trillions and trillions of dollars, their whole goal is to CONTROL EVERYTHING. But, hey let’s not worry about them, as long as we have our new electronics and taxes don’t get raised all is swell in our little world, oh yeah don’t allow those damn Mexicans to come take our jobs and steal our land, but WAIT A MINUTE. This country was STOLEN FROM THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! But, why worry about them right? It’s not like they are around anymore, WRONG. Native Americans are still here fighting for their rights as well!

What about the FACTS! THE PLANET IS BEING DESTROYED! PEOPLE ARE STARVING! And America has fucking comedians running to lead this country and currently ahead in the election! WOW, I am outraged about many things right now and let me tell you, I could care less who comes into this country. We have a responsibility, we are in charge of our entire existence right now. The future is most definitely not promised, and we are worried about making money to be apart of a system put into place for literally A HANDFUL OF FAMILIES to thrive while everyone else slaves their lives away. Hell, if you don’t believe me, follow the money trail, do your research, and you will see the truth.

Below is a small clip from Thrive. A highly recommended documentary!



Today’s Positive Note

Be content in your state of mind, even if it feels uncomfortable. There are simply some things that can not be changed over night. Therefore, it is best to roll with the emotions and feelings, whatever they may be. Nothing that was ever worth it came easy.

Keep your focus on your goals. Aim for success. Don’t give up.

You know that things always get better, so don’t get down about whatever it is you are going through right this moment.

Life can be gold, sometimes you have to “dig” for it though.


Server Troubles

I really enjoy my job, but the stresses can really get to me sometimes. I serve tables at this breakfast causal dining chain-restaurant. I absolutely love meeting new people, especially since about 90% of them are from out of town or from another country. I try to help them out by telling them information about the city and giving them guidebooks. It makes me feel as if I apart of their journey by doing this. I love to make people happy and if I make them laugh then that’s even better. I have a great work ethic and legitimately care about what I do and everyone I meet. My intentions are always good and selfless. I believe that working in a restaurant, you have to realize that you are in it together. Basically, if one area falls, the entire things collapses kinda deal. We are a nearly opened establish, therefore, there are still many things that need to be worked on.

For months, we have been cycling through kitchen staff. There has only been two consistent cooks that have been there since opening five months ago. I am stressed out because it seems that there is always something going wrong. Duh, nature of the food industry right?! Well, I would like to believe that there is still hope for this job being in my future. I had planned to find a different job for months now, but recently decided to stick it out awhile longer and see how things go. I have been in this mindset off and on for about half the time I have worked there.

I honestly just want the place to be more positive and inviting. There are some days when I don’t feel as if I want to even be there. I am trying to change my attitude and have better days. I wish I could say that everyone else had the same mindset. I feel as if there is too much drama and shit talking about other people going on. People don’t want to work together, they would rather work against each other and it’s nuts to me. Some of the people I work with irk my nerves due to there attitudes, yet I try not to become angry or have any negative energy towards anyone. That alone is a battle in itself.

Anyway, I could sit here and go on and on, but I would rather forget about things for the night. I wanted to write this down to express the slight irritation I have in my soul for that place right now and to convince myself to quit worrying about it, because the day there is over.

Time for some food, Netflix, and music ❤

Control Your Day

I strongly believe when you wake up, you determine what kind of day you are going to have based on your mindset and attitude. Not every morning is going to work in your favor. Sometimes, we may lose sleep or wake up in a bad mood. I think that it is very important to tell yourself as soon as you open your eyes, that the day is going to go positive and that you are going to have a good day. This can take some getting used to, but I can assure you it is well worth you time to get yourself in positive mood and mindset. It’s quite amazing what the mind is capable of, simply convincing yourself that you are feeling good and that things will continue to go well for the rest of the day can legitimately be a successful way for you to start changing your life.

Take responsibility for your mood, feelings and what you are thinking at all times, because everything is tied together. The sooner you realize that, your mind, body and spirit are all connected and that what you think as a direct affect on how your physical life is going to play out, you will start to understand exactly how to manipulate your thoughts.

Ultimately, we do not know if the day will go as planned, but we can put ourselves in the right mindset to take charge of the day. There’s a quote somewhere that goes something like this, “You may not be able to change what happens, but you can change your attitude.” I have been working towards becoming a more, positive person and let me tell you, this step is absolutely necessary. If you fail to take action as soon as you wake up, you may subconsciously be in a negative mindset or be less motivated to actually have a good day.

Old habits die hard, but today is a new day in which lays a new beginning for you to take advantage of. Control your day from the very start and watch your life transform! That’s my little piece of advice this morning. Let’s all have a wonderful day, filled with positive vibes and a healthy attitude!

Thank You

There are some things in life that we must go through the hard way. We have to go through hell and back over and over again, in order for us to understand what it takes to stay in heaven and truly appreciate it.

Personally, I thought that I would be able to focus on myself, my goals, and my daily lifestyle while managing a relationship with someone. Since I have been in many failed relationships, I have discovered that being single is exactly what I need to do. Right now, it is difficult, but easier than it has been in the past and I am incredibly fortunate for this opportunity. If all of those relationships and situations with men wouldn’t have failed, then I would have never found myself.

I am still discovering who I am, so if anything I want to tell all my exes who break up with me, hurt me, used me, etc. Thank you.

Blogging Stresses

I have realized that being able to stay content is one of my main weaknesses. My mind has been filled with all these wonderful ideas for my blog and how I want to build on this positivity idea.

For example, I am trying to make this website better, but I am missing the fact that I don’t have the knowledge for it. Earlier, I tried to download wordpress 4.4 on my computer. Needless, to say that went down the drain when I was presented with tons of information that was foreign to me. I keep telling myself, just believe you can make this happen and it will.

That is  a true statement, but I have to understand that I am not in a position to go forward with this website and blog anymore than I have. This week alone, I have started a facebook account, an instagram account, and bought the domain name. Also, published many more blogs and beat my daily Stat records. I should be proud that I have come this far and give myself a break.

I get so consumed in an idea sometimes  and try to jump ahead of myself. After spending another night, trying to download software and use codes that I had no knowledge of, I realized something. I’m not ready for that step. It is going to take my years upon years to make this happen.

I have to slow down and remember why I’m doing this. It’s not for the traffic, or to make money. It’s to help myself understand what it is I am going through. Of course, I have a passion to help others that’s why I have chosen to make this blog public.

Something I am going to work on this week is being more content with what I have going on in my life. Focus on the projects I have already started and make some time not to worry about anything. Set some time aside to “burn” and enjoy without questioning whether I should be wrapped up in a book or writing a blog post.

Not to mention, I went through some difficult times with my ex boyfriend the other night and I haven’t given myself a chance to fully get over it all, because I’ve been so focused on this blog.

Basically, to sum this up I have to find a healthy balance in my life and quit looking too far ahead.

It’s great to have goals, but it’s important to slow down, in order to take in everything that is happening in your life.

2 AM Blueberries

I’m sitting here eating dried blueberries. I have complete intentions to eat the entire bag. I decided to Google a question about dried blueberries to see if they were good for your health. Anything to justify eating the whole bag. I was disappointed, when eaten in large portions aren’t good due to calories and sugar intake.

Fuck it. I’m still eating the entire bag, because that’s just where I’m at tonight.


Oh yeah, I finished smoking a bowl a couple minutes ago.

The high choice is always the right choice.