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Half Empty


Half Empty

Everywhere I look, Everywhere I go

Everything I do, Everything I see

Memories of our love remain in the air

Moments of our life surround me

My bed we shared became ours

yet now it feels half empty

Half of the closet contains empty hangers, half of the shoes are now gone

Drawers contain nothing, and have nothing to fill them

Pictures of us, taken down yet I can still see them

Uncovered walls,  blank spots everywhere

Everywhere around me, is half empty space

In the bathroom it isn’t the same

The absence of your shampoo and body wash

It may sound silly, yet these items were cherished

Every little thing, some big, mostly small

The spaces between my fingers long to be filled

Desires run deep within my body for you

I can’t help but to feel incomplete without you here

Watching television shows, playing video games, reading books

These were our activities, something we did together

Now, doing them just doesn’t feel the same

Our goals, our dreams, our promises still remain in my head

Slowly all these things will fade, with time they will be forgotten

You walked away, you left me here alone

For all the right reasons, yet this feels so wrong

My heart is hurting, my mind is yearning, my soul is burning

You were my other half, my best-friend, my life, my future

I miss everything, I miss you, I miss us