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Nature Has a Way of Soothing My Soul

Nature has a way of soothing my soul. When I feel chaos inside my mind, I simply escape into the trees and lose myself in the sky.


Justice is Engraved in My Soul


Justice is engraved in my soul. I want to fight for the greater good for all of humanity, because I take everything so personally. It hurts me to see people suffering in any kind of way. I’m very emphatic and I’m still learning how to embrace it. I can’t shake this warrior energy. Even when these feelings leave me in the dust and feeling “shattered”, I have faith that I am meant to bring upon change to this world. I believe that those low times will enlighten me; show me charity. Even if I just inspire one person or make a small difference, that is enough for me. I will always stand up and seek those opportunities for equality and balance, whether that is me ranting online, protesting, meditating, writing, etc. I thrive for love and peace to radiate through my entire being and shine upon those who are in the dark. I am here for you friends; always.

Allow your light to burst into this existence!


Right Here, Right Now

It is way too easy to get caught up into thinking about the past, or worried about what is going to happen tomorrow.

Start by embracing every moment all the time.

Note what it is you are doing, thinking, and feeling as often as you can.

When you acknowledge what you are doing, it gives it deeper meaning and greater purpose.

By being aware of your thoughts, you can have a better understanding of them.

By realizing how you feel it teaches you how to deal with your emotions and allows you to figure out why you feel a certain way.

You have to keep your mindset right here, right now as much as you possibly can.


Conquer Your Emotions Facebook

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Positive Note

Sometimes we have to put ourselves through hell in order to realize exactly what heaven feels like. During these times, we will probably lose our minds, change our perceptive on life (multiple times), go back on everything we ever believed in and do things we never imagined we could do, both positive and negative. Its about how you react to these times that really affect who you are as a person. It is during these times that you are able to reflect on who you have been, who you are currently, and who you would like to become. It is important to keep an open-mind and don’t be too judgmental of yourself or other people. We are all in this journey together, so when you think about it why make it all so serious? Embrace all the emotions, thoughts, and memories you create and continue to build wisdom based on everything you go through. Every moment is crucial to your soul. There is a reason for every experience, some times it may take you awhile to realize this, as well as find the reason at all. With every possibility in life lays an opportunity. It is up to you to decide what risk you will take.

Join the gym and push yourself harder than ever before.

Go out to eat alone. Take yourself out on solo adventures.

Try new activities. Do things you never thought you would.

Buy flowers. Explore around your hometown.

Go places your have never been. Talk to strangers.

Open up your mind. Expand your consciousness.

Be happy. Be free. Be you.