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Creative Projects

I went to this festival last year and I was extremely inspired by all of the creativity around me. There was music, healing arts, flow arts, paintings, glass-blowing. All types of personal creativity. Some people were dressed in costumes and dancing in their own unique way. I will never forget that place and I intend to gather with that community again in October. I have been exploring different creative projects myself. One being this blog Conquer Your Emotions. I transform my experiences into creative writing including metaphors based on my understanding of those experiences and also others perspectives that I have been exposed to. That is why I really enjoy reading different personal development books, because it is like I am peeling back layers of myself through looking at a personal experience or feeling in a different way. This process of shifting my focus on a different perspective allows me to create my own interpretation of whatever it is that is happening. I deeply want to bring the energy I have inside myself to life. I have tons of ideas and projects pop into my mind daily. I have written many of them down. If you are reading this and ever want to bring a creative idea to life through writing, craft, cooking, etc, let me know. I am open to helping other with their creative goals.

I have been making jewelry as Simply Serene Stones on Etsy. You can visit my shop here. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SimplySereneStones?ref=hdr_shop_menu

I am excited to see where this path leads me. I am setting aside all money made for something I am not sure of yet.  I want to also inspire others to support each other by spreading awareness about one another’s talents/crafts. I think we are already creating communities for self-sufficiently and towards a healthier more sustainable future for the coming generations.

I have also planted a garden this year. I am very new to growing my own food, but I figured why not plant a few things and learn along the way. I have planted arugula, spinach, swiss chard, cucumbers, strawberries, and bell peppers. I still have to plant my sunflower seeds. I may pick up a few more things in the coming weeks.

I also want to write a book about some of my deeply personal traumas and struggles to inspire others and help them heal. I feel like it is my duty to give back the same energy I have received myself. Some topics would include: codependency, attachments, addictions, relationships cycles, fear of abandonment, coping with anxiety. I know I am not in a position to write this book yet, because I am still going through some areas of my life, but this book will hopefully be manifested within the next (5) years.

I have set time aside to do things such as coloring, drawing, and watching movies. It has been tough for me to do something for fun lately. I have been so focused on a goal, achievement, becoming, etc. I have to remember to take time to let things flow. That is where music has seriously helped me let loose. I have secret dance sessions in my room a couple times a week. I let all the energy flow out of me and capture it through moving my body.

There are a couple other things I am wanting to work on, but only time will allow me to do all of these things.

Patience. Determination. and i will just keep going after the life of my dreams, because what else is there to do? Fall in line with society standards?

No way. I’m breaking out of that system, one day at a time & one step at a time all while thinking about a future where people won’t have to deal with the stresses we are facing today.


Enlightenment is Evolution

I am walking around an environment surrounded by many different structures varying in size and color. Suddenly, feelings of confusion and alienation come over me.

Where am I?

Looking down upon the ground, I see black pavement and pale sidewalks. Looking around me, I see other human beings, but I don’t think they see me. Stopping now, I observe their faces.

The sounds of many feet hitting these man-made surfaces seem to grow louder the longer I stand still.

Worry, Stress, Anxiety.

I feel it now.

The energy lingers in the air, as they pass by me with their tunnel vision.

Their minds aligned to the next destination.

Their focus on the next deadline.

Their minds on an imaginary clock.

Yet their awareness; empty.

I wonder where are they going and why won’t they look into my eyes?

Analyzing the huge signs in the air, I ask myself, who are these images and words for?Why does their messages make me desire something outside of myself? I feel like I am suppose to be listening, but I can’t comprehend. Are those letters talking to me?

I close my eyes to remember the last place where everything made sense.

I smell wooden trees and fresh plants. I feel the crisp air and the bright sun rays my skin. I hear the sounds of the leaves crunching, music playing, laughter, the birds singing, and the whispering of the wind. I feel the softness of the grass and the hardness of the dirt upon my feet. I see other people and they look at me radiating with light.  I remember who I am…

We hug, we dance, we talk, we sing, we eat.  

Connection. Unity. Freedom. Love. 

Back to the our essential being.

Allowing ourselves just to be.

To simply live in this existence without any obligations.

I’ll never forget how the embers of that fire danced with the night sky. 

Clarity. Peace. Serenity.

Where are those sensations? Where are those people? What is this place? How can this be where I call home?


These people are the same; they just don’t know it. They don’t realize their true power. They are not aware of the loving energy radiating deep inside of them. They are distracted by social conditioning. They are filled with false judgments and complex misunderstandings. They are consumed with their egos and far away from their souls. They don’t know who they really are!

I must shine my light upon them to wake them up.

I must pour my love on them and heal them.

Enlightenment is evolution.

I am the messenger. The light worker. The peace keeper.

I have to tell them that this isn’t the way we were meant to live.

It’s time to tell them the truth…

This place wasn’t designed for us, it was designed by a select few.

Society is nothing more than a prison to keep us in debt and enslaved to a system that will never benefit us. These people trick us into believing that we need the things we see around us. Constant remainders that we must always have something bigger and better than ourselves, because we aren’t enough. We know we don’t want these things, but they persuade us any way.

Materialism and Capitalism are our biggest enemies.  

They have manipulated us to believe that we must do certain things, say certain things, and be certain things. But I am here to tell you, that we must not listen to them anymore.

Turn off the television. Quit listening to the radio. Think for yourself.

The hardest part is accepting that everything you ever believed is a lie.

To finally understand that this is reality is an man-made illusion.

They may be the controlling this game, but you have the choice whether or not you want to play.

If you throw in your cards; their whole world explodes.

When we come together there will be nothing standing in our way.

We must welcome this enlightenment, unite together, and evolve as one.

Do you feel that?

Your heart is beating and they can’t feel you.

Do you hear that?

That’s your thoughts and they can’t hear you.

What are you doing?

That’s your actions and they can’t see you. 

You are in control; never submit. Take back your power by remembering who you are.

Unemployed Feels

*Like the picture in the top of this canyon, life can be complex to look at when you don’t know what you are looking at or looking for. When you are wandering about in life with no idea what direction you want to go in. Your options can blend together, like the different colors of the minerals on the rock’s surface.*


Well, I knew this day would surely come again, but not now. I didn’t anticipate to quit my job two days ago. I just didn’t expect this change and I am not sure what direction to go in next.  I am holding on to hope that this is what is meant to be and  really trust that this is what is suppose to be happening in this moment. I have a tendency to worry and overthink every thing that happens in my life. I have to sit around and analyze it for hours and I am just not wanting to do that this time around. I have my bills paid for this month. I am entitled to taking some days to recharge, brainstorm, and take it easy. I think I deserve that much, because I have been struggling emotionally, physically, and mentally. Just feeling very worn out about half the time.  I am also single, record breaking, going on 8 months now.  But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried dating. I can’t seem to find a guy who wants to stick around and actually create something real together. Dating is confusing and right now that is something I don’t need. A relationship is the least of my worries, because I can’t even be happy on my own some days, but when I get down it does sound nice to have that person to vent to again.

Anyway, I want to go on a quick rant about society and the workforce.

I have determined that I don’t really want to be apart of society’s corporate greed which means really trying to find a company who isn’t apart of the system. I really want to work somewhere local, authentic and for a company that shares the same moral values as me. I may make less money, but maybe that is what needs to happen right now. I am not sure if I want to continue in the food and beverage industry, like I need a break.

Society wants to make it out like a bad thing if you are not working, but sometimes people need a break, because not everybody handles stress the same. Not every body experiences the same hardships whether they are mental, physical, or emotional problems. I am fortunate to still be at home and not forced to get in debt with all the bills I don’t feel I need. I am completely okay living at home. I am guilty of allowing what other people may think about me really bother me. I assume people are going to judge me a certain way and it’s tough to ignore those thoughts at times.

Soon enough, I will certainly figure out what direction I need to take in order for me to be happy, make money, and accomplish my goals. For now, I am taking some time to clear my mind.

Thoughts on Money

Money is a powerful thing. We all want it. We all need it. We all work for it. Sometimes it’s a gift. Sometime’s it’s a curse. The more I think about money the more I am truly sick to my stomach. Our currency here in the United States is worthless if you really think about it. When the dollar first came out I know that silver and gold were used to back up the bills, therefore giving them value. Tell me the last time you came across a “silver certificate.” I have never came across one and probably never will in my lifetime. Our dollar bills simply say “federal reserve” across the top which means the money we make is technically a loan to our government from the federal reserve. Think down deeper…all the money we spend,every dime we work for, and we earn..is a debt. Astounding huh? I learned about this issue in high school and it really shocked me. Of course, most of us already know this ridiculous fact.

In society, money can do good things for you as well as ruin your life. It is up to you as an individual to control your perspective on money. Money is only used for “organization” of society. It is the key to every single person’s life and I find this not okay. I feel there are far more important things in life than this raging hunger for cash. I hate to admit it but even I am driven to make more money. I know that having money is the only way I can live a good life according to society. Right? Wrong. Money is not the key to happiness by any means. I have often thought to drop off the grid. To quit my job and live life the way it was first lived. On the road. In nature. On Earth. Get away from all the buildings and cars. Really take some time to explore the land and enjoy the simple things in life. The things that honestly matter the absolute most. Plant a garden. Take a hike. Lend a helping hand to someone in need. These are the things that are important. I know I could not survive if I decided to act upon this thought. But if enough people thought this way, imagine the possibilities. Why would we need money?

I am going to dream for a minute because why not? I wish I lived in a world where everyday I could be in a new place, meeting new people and trying new foods. Learning about new cultures and their way of life. A world where everyone would help one another without expecting some kind of pay out. A place where food was grown on the land and shared freely. Food and water are some things this Earth offers us naturally. So why are we paying for chemical-processed junk in the grocery stores? It is because we are in the system now. We are apart of society. We are apart of this sick twisted reality that is controlled by a select people. If people would only open their hearts and understand the reason we are alive. We are alive to be happy and take advantage of all the Earth has to offer us while we are here. Why make things complicated? My mind can not comprehend war, hate, power, or any other negative actions. I literally can not fathom those things because my heart is too kind. Open your eyes to the truth people and see that there is more to life than money, even if that is all our lives consist of. At least, take time to enjoy what matters when you can and appreciate the simplicity of life. If only we could come together and make it that way…



Make Goals and Be Better!

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and I started asking her questions about her life. I was so shocked at what I discovered. I asked her questions like: What are your goals? What is your dream? What do you want out of life? Are you happy? She never really gave me a straight answer. She is currently having issues with her boyfriend and she always wants my advice, so I tried and tried to help her and she acted like she didn’t want to hear it or it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. Either way, that’s when I decided to swift the conversation on her as an individual. She works somewhere she doesn’t like, lives somewhere she isn’t comfortable and in my opinion is with a guy who is holding her back. Truth is I am happier than her and I’m recovering from surgery, and healing from a break-up. Something is clearly wrong with this picture. She said she just lives life day by day. That is perfectly okay but at the same time it is not okay. We need to get out of this rut.

Everyday is a new beginning, a chance to make your life better and come closer to improving yourself as a person. Most people now days are caught up in society, working their jobs, paying their bills, taking care of others, etc. People forget that they need to slow down and actually deal with their own problems. Living day by day can get you stuck and you won’t even realize it. You may just blew off your problems to tomorrow and say I’ll deal with them later. But in all honestly, your problems are only going to build up and come crashing down on you later and it is going to be that much harder to work through all that baggage than it would be to deal with problems at that moment in time. We must not ignore our own problems, we must always take a look inside ourselves every single day. We have to constantly ask ourselves, are we happy? Is my life going the way I want it to? What are my goals? How can I become a better person?

I strongly believe by setting goals in your life you can be happier and feel so much better as a person. People need to be willing to shut off the rest of the world and everyone that is around them for a short period of time. Every single person needs alone time everyday to observe themselves without worrying about someone else. Only then is when you can discover what is really bothering you and what you need to change.

Some of my goals this year are:

1. Eat healthier by including more fruits, vegetables, and grains into my diet.

2. Start exercising, tone my body, and begin running to boost my endurance.

3. Learn how to meditate and practice yoga.

4. Get a bar tending job, and pick up a second job if possible.

5. Plan a trip to one place in the United States and start saving money for it.

6. Invest in a new car.

7. Stay positive by writing and reading positive things everyday.

8. Work out my problems from my past and become stronger and more independent.

9. Cook at least one or two new recipes a week, challenge myself to learn new skills and foods.

10. Find peace, love, and happiness within myself.

I hope this post can encourage people to take a look at the big picture and figure out exactly what they want from life. Remember, we all only have one and each day isn’t promised, we must make the best of it and be the best we can be!

From the Outside, Looking In

This was something I wrote awhile back and I hope to share it the world and see what people have to say about my opinions.

Who is to question how we must live our lives? Who is to judge the importance of our actions? An individual’s view of their own lifestyle is the only thing that should truly be important to anyone, we the people should respect each and everybody’s perspective on life.  We should not try to change anyone nor mold them to be alike. Difference and originality is what this world is lacking, open minds and honest hearts seem to be vague
these days. We must interfere in our personal undertakings before we destroy ourselves beyond repair.

What if what we perceive isn’t really the truth? What if there is more that we aren’t seeing? Everything we have ever known, everything we have always believed in, things that we have been taught to be the truth and the people we have honored, we take it in without any question. What if these topics were challenged, and looked into farther than the surface. What would we find? Would everything be just how we see it now, or would more truths come into light. Would we be able to accept the idea that we are silently being manipulated into an illusion of reality?  A false vision of how we are supposed to live our own lives? What if everything you thought was right turned out to be wrong? We are lost.

We have ventured onto a path filled with self-destruction. A path so cruel that you don’t even realize you are fading away from living life. How do we gain the courage to turn around and see where we started from? How have we come this far without questioning why we are going this way? We may never have the answers we seek if we don’t stop in our tracks and ask ourselves what it is that would make us happy. Use your imagination, really take time to think impossible thoughts, and then decide what’s important?

Once your back is turned and you decide to go in reverse, things may seem foggy, less clear. But that is the point, how exactly did we all get here? Why must we travel down this road that we have been placed upon? What if we decide to take this stand and move in another direction? Stop this madness, be yourself. How can you even know who you are if you are too busy trying to fit into this idea of society. We are humanity.

Ever since we can remember our lives have consisted of going to school to obtain an education in order to get a job, buy a car, get married and invest in a house, then start a family; repeat. The next generation will then do the same; we need to get out of this routine. Slow down and analyze what is going on around us. We must view our lives as a third party and break apart every action and ask ourselves why are we living this way? Most people will think to themselves that it is the only choice they have to be happy and succeed in life. We are missing pieces to this puzzle.

There is more out there than we have knowledge of and the question is why has this knowledge been pushed aside? We are blindly being controlled and shown how to live our lives. From day one, we start out in elementary school and are taught everything we need to live this life.  We are put into a system, and other people decide what is important to be taught in school. Yet, have you ever considered what you learned could be false or pieces of the story may me missing? Truth be told, people learn what the system wants them to learn and nothing more. We are not being challenged enough, our potential isn’t being met. We are so much more than what we are becoming. Knowledge is all around us, yet we are oblivious. We must expose ourselves to history, science, and nature. We must push ourselves to learn more than what we are tested on in school. Certain people don’t want us to have knowledge that is why we are all treated the same, and taught in the same way.  We are being dumbed down and we don’t even know it. If you don’t believe this statement, try to read a book written a few hundred years ago. You will find it is very difficult to follow, and many words will seem foreign to you. Take the time to analyze some of these words you cannot understand and think to yourself, how come these words were never exposed to me?

The truth is words are powerful. If we were to broaden our vocabulary it could benefit us in many ways. If we don’t know any better than what we are taught, how would we know if we were being controlled or manipulated? Do you know the difference between fact and fiction?  We are responsible to educate ourselves in this world and we must not ignore this.